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Title: Advanced PHP Programming

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Advanced PHP Programming


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George Schlossnagle



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February 27, 2004



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March 8, 2004
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Manuel Lemos
PHP is a very simple language to learn. That fact permitted many users with no prior programming experience to be introduced to software development and start developing Web applications.

As their practices evolve, both developers who started with and without prior programming experience want to take advantage of advanced features and techniques to make best possible use of the potential of the PHP language.

"Advanced PHP" is a book that focuses on these advanced aspects of developing applications with the PHP language. Besides the advanced PHP features, it also covers advanced techniques that are not specific to PHP but permit developers to make the most of Web application environment.

The book consists of five groups of chapters that cover different aspects of advanced Web development with PHP. The first group covers implementation and development methodologies. It consists of several chapters that teach good practices on different aspects like object
oriented programming, design patterns, error handling and software testing automation.

The second group of chapters focuses on optimizing the generation and delivery of Web application pages through different types of caching. It covers acceleration of PHP script execution by using extensions that optimize and cache PHP compiled scripts, acceleration of generation of Web application pages via caching of content, and acceleration of the delivery of the pages via HTTP content caching and compression.

The third group of chapters covers different aspects of building distributed Web applications, like database access, authentication, session handling, scaling applications via server distribution and using Web services to provide, and access, resources on different servers.

The fourth group of chapters is devoted to performance aspects like using existing tools to test applications, using profiling methods to determine which parts of applications take more time to execute, and techniques to optimize the execution of the expensive parts of the code that could provide the greatest benefits from performance tuning.

The last group of chapters describe extending PHP to provide greater benefits to its applications. The chapters provide detailed information on how to create extensions that provide new built-in functions and classes, and how to create a new module to let PHP interface with a new Web server via SAPI.

Overall this is one of the most complete books on advanced aspects of developing applications with PHP. The fact that it also provides detailed information on methodologies not specific to PHP but which assist in the optimization of Web applications in general, makes this book also very valuable to those who develop in languages other than PHP.
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